Improve your skills by making mistakes

    What do you want?

Identify how you want to grow in your sport.

    What are you willing to risk in order to grow?

  •  Are you willing to risk your identity as the sports phenom in your family, on your team, in your town?
  • Are you willing to risk your reputation as the ‘star’ in return for being an even better learner?


    What are you not willing to risk right now? Where do you need security and how does having security help you extend yourself?

If you notice that you are not willing to risk your reputation in order to grow, this is an important      piece of information.


Notice what it does to your performance when you are playing in a situation that puts your reputation at risk.

Does this type of pressure tend to make you play small?

If you want to be more able to take risks with your ‘star’ reputation in order to reap the benefits of learning from mistakes, here is something to do that will help you:

  • Strengthen your leadership qualities.
    • Pick a teammate or two and help them learn what you know. Get some of your pride from raising up the newbies.
    • Use your social skills and befriend a teammate who could use some help in this area.
    • Help a teammate be calm under pressure by being reassuring about their skills.
    • You will need these skills if you want to be Captain or a Coach in the future.
    • Model learning from mistakes for your teammates. (Deliberately taking the risks that you envision as helping you progress, responding with self-acceptance instead of self criticism, Praising this process in others instead of criticizing them.

    What types of mistakes do you want to accumulate so you can learn from them?

  • over- hitting?
  • under-hitting
  • being too conservative?
  • being too aggressive?
  • Being too flexible?
  • Being too inflexible?

Practicing and performing with a growth mindset allows you to handle mistakes constructively.

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