Sheryl Smith, PhD, BCB, CMPC is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 1985, and did her fellowship at the Yale University School of Medicine. She was on the staff of the Highland Drive Veterans Administration Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA before going into private practice in Connecticut. She utilizes both psychodynamic and social learning approaches.
     A former college athlete in Ice Hockey and Track, she pursued additional education and training in sport psychology and is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She uses psychological principles and mental training to help athletes remove obstacles and strengthen mental toughness. Dr. Smith also consults with sports teams of local universities and is a member of the United States Olympic Committee Registry of Sport Psychologists.
      Her sub-specialty is anxiety management. She is BCIA certified for the practice of biofeedback and holds a certificate in Heart Rate Variability training.

A former college athlete and current recreational athlete, Dr. Smith is a member of:

  • The Association for Applied Sport Psychology,
  • The U.S. Olympic Committee Registry of Sport Psychologists,
  • The  Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback,
  • The American College of Sports  Medicine, and
  • The American Psychological Association.