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3 Reasons Mindfulness Will Make You A Better Athlete

psychologistMindfulness is an essential part to success. This is especially true for those in the sports industry. Competition is a key component to the sports industry. In order to be in the zone for these competitions, an athlete must practice, workout, analyze their opponent, and most of all ready their mind.

Training the body for taking on the competition is just one part of athleticism. But preparing the mind to stay focused and confident while on the field or the court is also important. Here are three reasons why you’ll want the help of sports psychology before you get ready to conquer the field:

  1. Developing coping mechanisms.
    Athletes benefit from seeing a sports psychologist because they’re given ways to cope when they inevitably experience adversity. People with and without mental illness often crumble under pressure because they don’t have the necessary coping mechanisms to handle their stress or anxiety. For athletes, this often means losing the ability to focus and play effectively. A sports psychologist can help an athlete understand the challenges they’re facing and what strategies they can come up with in order to face them and play well.
  2. Redirecting your focus.
    A sports psychologist can help an athlete refocus their skills during the competition and remain focused during the pre-game. Focus is essential to the execution of one’s skills. Whether you’re in an office or on the court, if you’re focused on your mistakes rather than the product then you’ll fail to succeed in your task. Sports psychology teaches athletes to keep their focus from sliding toward their insecurities, which could distract them from success.
  3. Develop confidence for full-athletic transition.
    Confidence is often built using a specific mindset. Sports psychologists work with athletes to develop a mindset built on game plans, practice, and preparation to help them perform at their peak ability. By having confidence in their skills, athletes can draw themselves away from life problems and focus solely on the game at hand.

Of those suffering from anxiety, up to 60% showed improvement after doing meditation for six to nine months. By seeing a sports psychologist, you can help to reduce your own anxiety on the field and gain the mental strength to keep going even when you feel like you want to quit. Sports psychology can help you cope with your insecurities and boost your confidence and focus on the court, which will boost your way to success.