A Psychologist can help you cope.


Dr. Sheryl Smith is an independent practitioner of psychotherapy with adults, couples and families. She works with athletes of all ages to improve their performance.

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Most people enter into psychotherapy because they feel stuck. Often this feeling is accompanied by anxiety or depression or other symptoms. They have tried everything they know of to feel better, without success.

Psychotherapy uses the relationship with the therapist to reveal a person’s underlying belief system that governs their thoughts and feelings.

Short Term Psychotherapy

– Gaining insight into automatic, unquestioned assumptions can help people change their usual reactions. In addition, it is often the case that people become so focused upon solving their difficulties that their view of themselves has become disproportionately weighted toward their faults. Through interacting with a psychotherapist, a person’s self-assessment becomes more positively aligned with reality and less negatively distorted.


– Dr. Smith offers anxiety management through the use of computer-assisted self-regulation training. Biofeedback is a process in which psychologists in CT can enable an individual to learn how to change physiological activity by using instruments that measure heart function, brainwaves, breathing, muscle activity and skin temperature. The use of external feedback about one’s emotional state makes calming training more efficient and powerful. 


Sports psychology

– Sports psychology focuses on the large impact the mind has on the quality of physical performance.  Mental training includes, among other things, increasing focus, recovering concentration after a mistake, managing one’s self under pressure, and achieving a balance between thinking and trusting your sensory-motor system.